Winter commonly used household appliances maintenance and cleaning skills guide!
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Household appliances need regular maintenance, in order to make them have a longer service life, especially in cold winter, proper maintenance is a part of daily life, so how to maintain household appliances? Do you know? The following and "future home decoration network" together to see the winter commonly used household appliances maintenance and cleaning skills guide!

1、 Maintenance of electric fan

The electric fan should be cleaned before it is put into the storage room. Many parts of this kind of electrical appliances are made of plastic materials. They are easy to be injured in cold weather in winter. They need to be packed and placed. It's better to put some desiccant to prevent the circuit board from getting damp.

2、 Maintenance of air conditioner

The maintenance of the air conditioner is relatively complex, and the structure of the air conditioner is relatively complex. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the dirt at the ventilation gates and evaporators of the air conditioner, so as to effectively maintain the air conditioning system and prolong the service life of the air conditioner. If you move in winter, you must ask professional guidance to prevent refrigerant leakage, and prevent the power line signal from damaging the air conditioner. After the air conditioner is cleaned, it is better to cover the inside and outside units with dust covers, especially the outdoor part of the window unit, so as to prevent the erosion of wind, snow, rain and dust. Air conditioning cover is divided into indoor hood and outdoor hood. Generally, only outdoor hood is enough. Because indoor hood does not need to be windproof and rainproof, indoor hood only needs a layer of gauze to prevent dust.

Before using the air conditioner hood, the air conditioner should be turned on for half a day, and the condensed water in the air conditioner should be dried, so as not to leave the condensed water in the air conditioner for a long time to breed bacteria. In addition, unplug the power plug and take out the battery of the remote control. In order to prevent the air conditioner from being affected by moisture and the lubricant from freezing due to long-time storage, it is best to start the air conditioner once or twice in winter and run it for a period of time. Generally speaking, it can run for about 20 minutes.

3、 Maintenance of freezer

In winter, the chance of using the freezer is relatively less. If the refrigerant is stopped for a long time, it may solidify, resulting in poor flow path and affecting the service life of the machine. This practice is not worth promoting, but it is not a big problem to stop the freezer. It is important to master the skills.

The electric freezer that is out of service in winter should be electrified at least once or twice a month to make the refrigerator run for 10 minutes. At the same time, during the first shutdown, it must be thoroughly maintained. Freezer condenser and compressor are mostly exposed outside, which is easy to be stained with dust, spider web, etc., and should be brushed off with soft brush. When cleaning the condenser and compressor, do not flush with water, so as not to reduce the insulation performance of electrical appliances. When cleaning the inner wall, all articles and parts should be taken out, and a thorough cleaning should be carried out. At the same time, the door seal should be wiped clean, and an appropriate amount of talcum powder should be applied to avoid the phenomenon of seal adhesion. If there is still a peculiar smell inside after cleaning, use 3% sodium bicarbonate to scrub the wall of the storage room carefully again, so as to quickly remove the peculiar smell.